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Текст и перевод песни Tokio Hotel — Chateau





So we met on a weekend
Glad that you came by

At Chateau we’re making no sense
But we feel alive

In the room getting undressed
Just to make you smile

A little dance a little romance
Running out of time

I know they gonna talk
I know they gonna watch

I don’t mind
As long as it’s you and I
Baby no
I don’t mind
And if we wanna dance tonight then
People gonna talk
Let em talk em talk let em talk about it
People gonna watch
Let em touch let em see let em feel what love is

We’re getting hight on the weekends
Just the way we like

They’re saying we’re different
But we’re so like

Spinning my head round and round round and round
And we’re not coming down not coming down from our cloud

Let go
Cause finally it happened
It’s me
Sp baby don’t you cry
I don’t mind
No I don’t mind
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